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"Where Tom Waits' drawl and Leonard Cohen's lullaby echoes overlap ... heartfelt, under-belly Americana."

 — NO DEPRESSION Magazine      

Kern Richards speaks to traditional Folk, Country, and Blues audiences as well as to the rocker in us all. His songs of heartbreak, loneliness and dissolution are written and sung by a master storyteller with a unique sense of humor, irony and warmth.

Kern Richards and John Bazz by Krystal Kozak edit wix.jpg

Kern Richards performs solo, as well as with a superb backing band featuring veteran music luminaries John Bazz on bass (The Blasters, Mike Eldred Trio) and Mark Shark on guitars (Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne.)


Kern has shared stages with, and/or provided support for some of the world's most influential musical artists including American Folk legend Ramblin' Jack Elliott, songwriter Dave Alvin, Chris Gaffney, Hacienda Brothers, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers,) Tony Gilkyson (Bob Dylan, X), Jeffrey P. Ross (Rank & File, Desert Rose Band), and many more.


Currently based in Southern California, Kern was signed to Stevie Tombstone's Austin, Texas - based ALTCO RECORDINGS label, and tours throughout the U.S.

Kern has a new full-length album tentatively scheduled for release on vinyl in Fall 2023, with John Bazz (The Blasters,) Mark Shark (Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne.) Details coming soon!


Official video for the single 10 More Miles, released on ALTCO Recordings

Live 2023 w/ John Bazz (The Blasters) at Mamba, Huntington Beach CA

Live at the Claremont Folk Center, opening for I See Hawks In L.A.


"Where Tom Waits' drawl and Leonard Cohen's lullaby echoes overlap ... heartfelt, under-belly Americana."


"Kern Richards writes and sings with a heart full of soul. He shoots for the stars ... and for all the singer-songwriters swimming in the Americana waters now, Richards is clearly going the distance."   — Bill Bentley, A & R Director, Vanguard Records

"His music does the talking..."   Theo Douglas, Long Beach Press-Telegram

"Kern Richards makes some of the best road-trip music ever! Wherever you land, with his music to guide you, the landing is that much sweeter."   Mark Ebner, New York Times bestselling author -  Hollywood, Interrupted


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Sample songs from Anywhere But Home:


Kern Richards - Vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica


Tony Gilkyson - Electric guitar


Jeffrey Paul Ross - Electric guitar


Stephen Silver - Pedal steel


Jim Shirey - Keyboards, electric guitar, fiddle, dobro, mandolin


John Senne - Drums

Produced by Jim Shirey


Mastered at Griffith Park Recorders, Los Angeles CA


Art direction/design: Ewa Wojciak

Photos: Bruce Kalberg

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